A Secret Meeting in a Secret Place

I am sitting in a room of about 30-40 men and women who have come together to discuss an unflattering revelation. Every one of them (including myself) has become painfully aware that something is horribly wrong with their behavior in life. They have all noticed a certain unpleasantness and primitive nature in their character, which does not fit in with their notions of true humanness and spiritual goodness.

Here is my report on their efforts and approach:

This group of concerned seekers feels that the problem they are facing is more difficult and complex than most religions or churches are prepared to tackle. The group includes priests, new agers, artists, musicians, scientists, psychologists and those of different religious faiths.

In a nutshell, there is agreement among all of us that, in spite of our rapid technological advances and being large-brained creatures, we have somehow “bought into” going through life in a diminished state of cognition—called the cubicle self-mind™.  All the problems in the world are a result of millions of people living this way and not knowing better.

The group discuses ways of verifying that we mostly live in a diminished cognitive state and that our spiritual potential requires both acknowledging this unflattering predicament and a struggle to tap into a “higher” or “inspired-self” mind that lays dormant within us.

The lower, cubicle-self mind simply goes with the flow but the higher or inspired-self mind™ knows the ultimate reason and purpose of why we are here on this planet.

Our lower cubicle-self mind is habitual, set in its ways and reacts in a mechanical manner (through associative thinking and feeling). It tries to solve the problems of the world and its relationships with others through its boxed-in and limited field of vision. But unfortunately, real and permanent solutions lie outside that limited field of vision.

The difficulty in overcoming our lower cubicle-self mind is that it has become second nature. We have come to identify with it.  So it hides behind our very illusions. And even if you accidentally happen to observe it, you can fight it for a while, but it springs back into full action as soon as you lose energy or are seduced again by the vanities and allurements of the world.

Because of this, it takes a committed group to keep everyone energized and reminded of each other’s predicament—to pierce through the hypnotic condition of the cubicle-self mind and reconnect with the higher spiritual mind. In spite of the different faith traditions they each may have been born in, when they begin to experience higher self, their religion evolves and changes as well!

For instance, the higher spiritual mind interprets God’s Holy Word differently than the cubicle-self mind. Members of this group have begun noticing and discussing new ideas in Scripture that were previously overlooked or unrecognized. They see the Bible’s warnings to “wake up” and “sleep not” are actually references to the cubicle-self, and even more impressively, that Revelation and the Lord’s Second Coming refers to reconnecting ourselves with our higher spiritual minds and God—not a physical return.

This is impressive to me, since my wife and I are the only Swedenborgians in the group! These individuals represent one of the many ways the Lord is now establishing the New Jerusalem on earth.



About thegodguy

EDWARD F. SYLVIA, M.T.S. Philosopher/Theologian Edward F. Sylvia attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and received his Master of Theological Studies at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA and a Certificate of Swedenborgian Studies from the Swedenborgian House of Studies. He is a member of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (C.T.N.S.) and the Swedenborg Scientific Association (S.S.A.). Award-winning author of "Sermon From the Compost Pile: Seven Steps Toward Creating An Inner Garden" and "Proving God," which fulfills a continuing vision that God’s fingerprints of love can be found everywhere in the manifest universe. His most recent book, "Swedenborg & Gurdjieff: The Missing Links" is an edgy collection of anti-intuitive essays for personal transformation that challenges and inspires. He has been a student of the ideas of both Emanuel Swedenborg and George I. Gurdjieff for over thirty years. Read more about TheGodGuy, his books and his ideas at http://www.staircasepress.com
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8 Responses to A Secret Meeting in a Secret Place

  1. PTM says:

    Dear GodGuy,
    To see groups with ideas like that forming from such diverse circles of life is truly exciting! How awesome for you to have found one. I suspect we will soon see more groups like this one, as I sense the Lord will not exclusively use religion this time to usher in a ‘New Church’, in fact it may not look anything like a church as we know it. This is very encouraging, thanks for posting about it. Where is this particular group located? Can you tell me more about the cubicle mind-set? Thanks!

  2. thegodguy says:

    Dear PTM,

    Remember, Swedenborg said true worship was living a useful life by following the Lord God’s tenets – not simply going to a “brick and mortar” church on Sundays.

    This is one of several groups forming across the country – and is an offshoot of another group. The differences between these groups and church congregations is that they intensely concentrate on regeneration rather than religious observance. The “cubicle mind-set” is similar to Swedenborg’s description of the lower or corporeal mind which consists of memory-knowledges rather than reasoning. This mind is both artificial and prone to suggestion (hypnosis). This state of mind is referred to as the “valley of vision” in Scripture and to those who are described as being “asleep.” This topic would need a book to cover. I like the term “cubicle mind” because it is a more contemporary expression for describing what Swedenborg was expressing several centuries ago.

    The location of this group is not important. You yourself can form such a group and get a great start by discussing Swedenborg’s chapters on repentance, reformation and regeneration from his “True Christianity.” I have a suspicion that many churchgoers skip an important step in spiritual growth by trying to be “good” before they “clean the inside of the cup.” Goodness is not goodness until it is innocent. And innocence cannot be achieved without self-observation, identifying one’s individual faults and resisting them with help from the Lord. That should keep you busy for at least a year!

    I am mentally tired and cannot say more at this time.

    Spiritually yours,

  3. PTM says:

    Thanks for your reply GodGuy. I’ve read a lot of Swedenborg’s writings and do know a bit about the corporeal mind, thanks for clarifying that’s what you mean by cubical mind-set, that makes sense. I think your suspicion about many churchgoers is right, in which case pretentious good is of little spiritual value. I do practice self-observation and focus on my own regeneration, been at it for several years but probably will never get finished with that. What I don’t do is identify “myself” with my faults and weakness because I am conscious my slug is no longer on the throne but remains an ‘enemy with me’. ” I” am the Lord’s new born creation and it helps my regeneration to understand that difference.

  4. thegodguy says:

    Dear PTM,

    Good for you! When people of similar concerns come together to form groups and discuss the obstacles they have observed that hinder their spiritual growth the whole process of regeneration finds a new “gear!” The best groups contain some people who irritate you (so that you can create pearls like the oyster)!

    Spiritually yours,

    • PTM says:

      Yes that’s true GodGuy. I am/was in a group like you mention just that right now we are splintered and divided exactly down the grace fault line! Did you know there is a fault line between the two hands of God’s grace (left/right), when the earth shakes that’s where it divides us. I know a great pearl is coming from that, but I only can see it by faith right now. Thanks.

  5. thegodguy says:

    Dear PTM,

    The group I was referring to in this blog post was also an offshoot of another group. Some people like to keep things pure. Others like to change and experiment. The Lord makes use of every situation. But I will add this – the Lord God is not finished revealing new things to us!

    Sincerely yours,

  6. sks says:

    Thank you! I really appreciate this discussion and your wise observation of the situation. It’s definitely “uncomfortable” when people that you feel you should be in complete harmony with, disagree. And sometimes they do it quite vigorously! But it’s definitely healthy to engage in passionate discussion about these matters. We all have the opportunity to grow and learn things from each other’s different points of view.

  7. thegodguy says:

    Dear sks,

    Thanks for sharing your observations and thoughts with my readers!

    Spiritually yours,

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