“Heptaparaparshinokh” is the term spiritual teacher George Gurdjieff used to refer to the universal law of seven. This law of sevenfoldness is ubiquitous in all coherent processes of nature when things are viewed as comprehensive wholes and unities. Gurdjieff sometimes even called this law the Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh because it was the patterning principle of physical, mental and Divine Orderly Process. Unfortunately, this great cosmic law seems, for the most part, to have escaped meaningful detection from Swedenborgian scholars. (The writings of scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg have influenced my spiritual path as much as Gurdjieff’s.) Swedenborg does offer hints to the law of seven but seems to hide it in a way that makes it harder to find (and therefore requires more mental effort).

How do I know?

I was lucky (or was it providence?). I was able to tease this law out of Swedenborg’s writings because I was introduced to both men’s ideas on the very same day! Each author taught me how to better understand the ideas of the other. Swedenborg and Gurdjieff both stated that trines (Law of Threefoldness) operate in all things. So why would I suspect that Swedenborg also knew of the Law of Sevenfoldness, or even have confirmed it, when there was no specific mention of it in his writings?

My first clue was that the numbers “3” and “7” have the same symbolic meanings. Both numerals represent holy qualities and “fullness.” Both laws work together and ensure that all things in the created and multi-leveled universe follow the same rules. In his various writings (and if you are paying attention), Swedenborg breaks down a tree into seven aspects—seed, root, stem, branches, leaves, flowers and fruit (which produces more seed, or a harmonious octave of steps). He articulated a similar order working in the human intellect—perception (of something desired), understanding, thought, judgment, choice, will, determination towards action (the fruits of one’s labor from some desired outcome) and within the final action lie the seeds for new and future undertakings (a psychical octave). In Holy Scripture, Swedenborg claimed that the Seven Day Story of Creation in Genesis followed this same pattern of order.

Furthermore, he hints that this universal template by which a series of steps lawfully coheres to form unities is woven into the very fabric and architecture of all the stories that make up the true Word of God. (He called this profound harmonic fine-tuning of reality the mathematical philosophy of universals and the intuition of ends.) The caveat is, Swedenborg also points out that this order cannot be recognized within the literal sense or literal understanding of Holy Scripture, but in its deeper, spiritual messages (Arcana Coelestia 9022). In other words, this sacred knowledge is the knowledge of angels, and beyond the worldly knowledge of terrestrial academia.

Through years of effort and opening my mind to the Lord God’s heavenly influences I believe I have been able to show some examples of how the “Sacred Heptaparaparshinokh” operates within the narratives of Holy Scripture. I shared these examples in my second book Proving God (which won several awards) in the hopes of unifying science and theology through a new spiritual interpretation of the Bible, process theory and complexity theory.

You are most welcome!



About thegodguy

EDWARD F. SYLVIA, M.T.S. Philosopher/Theologian Edward F. Sylvia attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and received his Master of Theological Studies at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA and a Certificate of Swedenborgian Studies from the Swedenborgian House of Studies. He is a member of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (C.T.N.S.) and the Swedenborg Scientific Association (S.S.A.). Award-winning author of "Sermon From the Compost Pile: Seven Steps Toward Creating An Inner Garden" and "Proving God," which fulfills a continuing vision that God’s fingerprints of love can be found everywhere in the manifest universe. His most recent book, "Swedenborg & Gurdjieff: The Missing Links" is an edgy collection of anti-intuitive essays for personal transformation that challenges and inspires. He has been a student of the ideas of both Emanuel Swedenborg and George I. Gurdjieff for over thirty years. Read more about TheGodGuy, his books and his ideas at http://www.staircasepress.com
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