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Applying David Bohm’s physics to Bible interpretation

David Bohm, a disciple of Albert Einstein, put forth a theory that nature becomes more complex as you get closer to its fundamental origins. In simple terms, within the ratios of large units of coherent and whole phenomena you had … Continue reading

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The more one studies Swedenborg, the more one discovers how far he/she is from their highest possibilities

There is a saying that if one person can accomplish something, others can accomplish it. Swedenborg accomplished many things in life. He was a great scientist of his time and later became perhaps the greatest theologian of all time. I … Continue reading

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Thank God no one can see me picking my nose!

I would rather have the world see me as the author of several thoughtful and unique theological books than as someone who occasionally picks his nose. We all try to control how the world sees us. I have no problem … Continue reading

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