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The symbolism of King Kong

As in all genuine or universal forms of symbolism, what is always being expressed is some spiritual condition of the human race. In previous posts I offered interpretations of the symbolism in horror movies, like vampires and werewolves, etc. Now … Continue reading

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Prehistoric wisdom

One of the false notions modern civilization embraces is that humankind has a superior intellect to that of former times—especially prehistoric times. But Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff both disputed this contemporary assumption. They insisted that the human intellect has … Continue reading

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Can a nice, juicy cheeseburger lead us to Cosmic Truth?

Most definitely! In fact, even a lowly vegetable can show us the way to cosmic truth. But in order for these food items to lead us to profound truth we must eat them and simply follow the digestive process. When … Continue reading

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The Naturalist And The Angel

Once upon a time there was a naturalist named Nicole. She not only studied the ecosystem and the wonderful relationships of the various animal species, she made spectacular documentary films about nature as well. On this particular day she was … Continue reading

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Where will human evolution go next?

Evolution shows a real trajectory towards increased bio-complexity yielding greater intelligence and consciousness. The human race and its complex brain structure represent the cutting edge of this trajectory—so far. Based on the evidence that evolution has provided us it would … Continue reading

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The Holy Trinity and Quantum Field Theory

Inconsistency implies imperfection. Therefore, if God is perfect and created the natural world there must be some symmetry and similarity between God’s Divine Nature and the laws of physical nature. In other words, if Quantum Field Theory  (QFT) represents how … Continue reading

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