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The snowflake and the Infinite

The snowflake has long been used as a symbol for the Christmas season. That makes sense since Christmas is celebrated during Winter time—when there is a good chance that we will see snow falling. In fact, many of us even … Continue reading

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God’s glory transcends a beautiful sunset

Some people often look at the beauty of nature as evidence for the existence of a loving Creator-God, such as a beautiful mountaintop sunset. But scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg wrote dozens of books illustrating the ever-deeper levels of Divine beauty. He … Continue reading

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The beauty of the sour gum tree in Fall

Many years ago the instructor of my Gurdjieff class told me that I had a rich life. She was referring to the fact that my inner world contained lots of interesting ideas. I had developed my talents as a visual … Continue reading

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A woman’s greatest beauty secret – a wise man!

Women wish to be beautiful. According to scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg this wish comes from a deeper spiritual reality within women for expressing their desire to love and be loved. Where did Swedenborg find this out? From heaven, while conversing with … Continue reading

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The Origin Of Beauty

Scientists will admit to being in wonderment and in awe of nature’s beauty and elegance. From the largest to the smallest phenomena in the universe, order, regularity and symmetry is encountered everywhere we look. All this order is self-evidently lawful … Continue reading

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Valentine Message

Several years ago my wife and I were walking with a bunch of friends enjoying the sights and sounds of a city putting on a festival. There was a very intelligent, deeply spiritual, but unattached woman in our group. Several … Continue reading

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