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Is there any proof that scientists love to eat the flesh off their arms?

Plenty! Actually, anybody who touts their self-importance loves to munch on their own flesh! And many scientists certainly consider themselves as living in the rare air of exalted human intelligence. This unfortunate condition of negative psycho-spiritual consumption is rampant in … Continue reading

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Person-level experience, values and non-physical measurement

One of the biggest challenges neuroscientists face is constructing a comprehensive model of human cognition from a person-level framework. Science deals with quantitative measurement, but human consciousness is messy— it deals with subjective qualities and values. We humans are all … Continue reading

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Existence is subsistence

The title for this post “existence is subsistence” is an idea that was highlighted by the scientist Emanuel Swedenborg. We can find observable evidence for this “law” in all biological systems in which every living cell (and every part of … Continue reading

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