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“Truths in series”

In his great book on theology, True Christianity (n 508 [5]), Emanuel Swedenborg introduces us to the strange phrase “truths in series” by which the Lord God reveals deeper divine knowledge to us humans, in an orderly manner from the … Continue reading

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Spiritual Climate Change

Ever since the earth was formed, the climate has always been changing. During these changes, new species have come upon the scene and many old ones disappeared. (Wooly Mammoths have been found frozen with vegetation still in their mouths!) Humankind … Continue reading

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Fred, Mary, Hank and Sue won’t be going to Heaven

I am not suggesting that individuals who have those names won’t eventually become angels of God’s heavenly kingdom, it is just that they won’t be able to take their terrestrial birth names with them into this rarefied realm. Here’s why: … Continue reading

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More people would embrace Swedenborg’s ideas if they paid closer attention to their own thoughts

Swedenborg made a remarkable claim that God had given him the ability to explore the Spiritual World and report its secrets to those on earth. This exploration took almost thirty years and Swedenborg wrote dozens of books to convey what … Continue reading

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