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Is Heaven a home wrecker?

Depends. Heaven is not a physical place nor is it a retirement destination. It is a reflection of the inner quality of your heart and mind (that is why the Lord said that His kingdom was “within”). It is true … Continue reading

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A successful birth requires a slap on the butt. So does a successful spiritual rebirth.

We all know that a swift slap on the bottom by a doctor or nurse shocks a baby into breathing and therefore helps the child to enter into a new world. Shocks are necessary to open us up to new … Continue reading

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The Stone That Reached Heaven

Once upon a time in a far away kingdom, there lived a most beautiful, but very sad, princess. Her beauty was so astounding that her father, the king, did not believe any man was worthy of asking for her hand … Continue reading

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Is Scripture a Fairy Tale?

Is the Bible the inspired Word of God? Or, are they the stories of simple people, who lacking scientific sophistication, had to rely on their imagination to make sense of the cosmos. Look at the biblical passage below: Babel, the … Continue reading

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