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Spiritual Environmentalism

There once lived an environmentalist named Ernie. One day he was sitting on his country porch admiring and contemplating the beauty of nature and her ecological wisdom. Everything in nature was interconnected, interrelated and interdependent. Then Ernie had an unusual … Continue reading

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Can a nice, juicy cheeseburger lead us to Cosmic Truth?

Most definitely! In fact, even a lowly vegetable can show us the way to cosmic truth. But in order for these food items to lead us to profound truth we must eat them and simply follow the digestive process. When … Continue reading

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Can the mind “taste” an idea?

Once when I was overhearing some teenagers interacting, I was alerted to a particular use of language. One teenager was showing off something to the others when I heard one of the group say “sweet.” The word “sweet” was obviously … Continue reading

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The Naturalist And The Angel

Once upon a time there was a naturalist named Nicole. She not only studied the ecosystem and the wonderful relationships of the various animal species, she made spectacular documentary films about nature as well. On this particular day she was … Continue reading

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Eating Books, Human Flesh, and Horsemeat

Quantum physics expresses the inner workings of deep nature. If Scripture contained a quantum vocabulary, as I have maintained, it would describe the inner workings of God’s revealed wisdom. In physicist David Bohm’s interpretation of quantum physics, there is a … Continue reading

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