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Did Emanuel Swedenborg solve the mystery of the Neanderthals?

He certainly understood that a new species of humans took over after something went wrong with a prior species. The disappearance of the Neanderthals is perhaps one of the greatest mysteries in human evolution. And Swedenborg, who died in 1772, … Continue reading

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How I intend to “Prove God” in my upcoming book

My soon-to-be available book entitled Proving God contains 355 pages of text and 14 chapters. In a nutshell, each chapter contains the following strategies for my solving this unique and most difficult challenge: Chapter One addresses the problems physics faces … Continue reading

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Was Cro-Magnon Man obsessed with naked women?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I’m sorry but I just had to burst out laughing after reading an article in the Yahoo! News about a recent discovery in southwestern Germany of a nude woman carved from a small piece … Continue reading

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The New Physics and the New Jerusalem

My experience over the past several years with both physicists and theologians who are concerned with fundamentals is that I detect a real sense of anxiety. Both “sides” strongly believe that we are in need of a major paradigm shift. … Continue reading

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