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You can’t fool your cerebellum

Modern science does not know very much about the cerebellum. As a result, most of today’s brain research involves the cerebrum and its neural connections. Only Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff offered profound insights into the mysterious workings of this … Continue reading

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Can someone tell me the spiritual symbolism for anal sex?

Recent research on sexual patterns shows that there is a growing trend towards anal intercourse. Because I follow the theological teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg, this tidbit fascinates me. Swedenborg claimed that the natural/physical realm was a theater for spiritual processes … Continue reading

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Steve gets an angelic lesson about sperm

The Sunday service at church was finishing up and the congregation migrated to an area where tables were set up for the members to enjoy a potluck lunch and what was called their “fellowship” hour. A member of the church, … Continue reading

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