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You can’t fool your cerebellum

Modern science does not know very much about the cerebellum. As a result, most of today’s brain research involves the cerebrum and its neural connections. Only Emanuel Swedenborg and George Gurdjieff offered profound insights into the mysterious workings of this … Continue reading

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Is it okay for witches to eat little children?

In Fairy Tales, that is exactly what witches are designated to do! Unfortunately, such stories have been deemed “savage” towards children by some post-modern thinkers who are strident at pointing out any kind of injustice they think they see with … Continue reading

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Swedenborg was a rascal

Imagine sitting at a table across from someone who claimed to have conversations with human souls in the Spiritual World. Such an unlikely scenario actually took place. Furthermore, the person who made such a claim could not be simply ignored, … Continue reading

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A funny thing happened on the way to Heaven!

Once upon a time a woman named Wilhelmina asked for a meeting with the minister of her church. She was at a spiritual crossroads and very depressed. As she entered the church and came to the minister’s office she was … Continue reading

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