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Don’t confuse science with scientism

In my award-winning book Proving God, I attempt to unify science with theology. While some people would argue that the realm of science only embraces the material world, this limited definition is better called scientism. Scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (whose ideas … Continue reading

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The many faces of God versus polytheism

I have displayed a small sampling here of the many faces of God as seen from different religious points of view. Does that mean there is more than one God? Nope! Since God is Infinite, worshippers throughout history originally tried … Continue reading

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Swedenborg, the Calculus and Molecular Biology

In his delightful book A Tour of the Calculus, author and mathematical philosopher David Berlinski laments that the theme of continuity is lacking in the biological sciences. For instance, mathematics, like that of the calculus, which successfully describes how many … Continue reading

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