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The two turning points of spiritual evolution

There are two major turning points that occur along the path to true spiritual growth and the re-birth of the human spirit. The first turning point deals with the reformation of the human intellect and its consciousness. The entire process … Continue reading

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What is instinctive to women has to be learned by men

There is a saying that men know all about the world but women know all about the man. I believe this statement to be true. This female knowledge is particularly keen among wives towards their husbands. In fact, according to … Continue reading

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A Heavenly list of my greatest accomplishments!

This long list of spiritual milestones can be grasped at a mere glance. 1)   Married, May 22, 1976 2)   Our first Anniversary 3)   Our second Anniversary 4)   Our third Anniversary 5)   Our fourth Anniversary 6)   Our fifth Anniversary 7)   Our … Continue reading

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