“Aum” and “Amen”

Aum-AmenMany of us have heard from the ancient Hindu tradition that the word “Aum” represents the sacred sound from which the world was divinely created. In other words, this sound conveyed Absolute “Truth.” So Hindus participate in a ritual of chanting to confirm and give witness to this notion by personally reproducing this world-creative sound.

I believe I have read somewhere in George Gurdjieff’s unique writings that “Aum” and “Amen” represent this same universal Truth. I recall Gurdjieff even saying that the word “Amen” could be voiced or sung in a way that a full octave could be produced from it, therefore, conveying a unit of fullness.

Scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg stated that the word “Amen” represented Divine confirmation, or witness to the Divine Truth. Furthermore, he offered rational reasons for believing that this word was more than a positive nod, or a simple verification of the truth of all the sacred words appearing before it—that “Amen” actually held, and was composed of, all the meanings (fullness) of those preceding statements of truth (like a single physical body holds all the vital organs and processes of life).

Jesus often referred to Himself as the “Amen.” He could not have done so if the word did not, in itself, represent the orderly progression of truth (the Divine Proceeding by which spiritual love takes form) in its wholeness.

My dear fellow readers, God’s new revelations continue!


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Why is love blind?

dark glassesThe reason is that whatever a person loves (from the principle of self-intelligence) is what a person believes to be good.

Discernment (intellectual seeing) is useless here unless one is able to embrace an opposing feeling or affection. Like the notion that God alone gives us intelligence and therefore has the best plan for leading us.

When these two loves duke it out and clash, a new kind of seeing can result from the inner friction in which we can, with greater and greater sincerity, contemplate our true significance in the world and the true significance of others.

In the terrestrial world, the blind are leading the blind because what we love has diminished into a worldview oriented toward self-centeredness, which causes spiritual blindness in everyone’s psyche and a complete failure to see reality.

Love needs the Lord God’s Divine Truth to see.


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The human species is even above “stardust”

conceptual-artwork-of-a-star-birth-in-a-nebula-joe-tucciaroneModern scientists, even those who dabble in occult ideas, believe we come from the same special material that the stars of the universe are made of.

However, according to scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg, we are even more special than that. We come from substances much more dynamic than stardust—from spiritual substances well beyond the spacetime arena.

I predict that by the end of the 21st Century, science will acknowledge the ontological reality of spiritual substances and unite with a more appropriate theology for such contemplation.

That is the purpose of my blog and book publications—to get that ball rolling by providing rational insights as to how this great unification of knowledge might take place.


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God created the universe from the same laws that would allow the human race to evolve spiritually

galaxy-mindThat is what I call cosmic inner consistency—by which all process in the universe (including spiritual evolution) is unified.

Scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg championed this notion of the same laws appearing on all scales of existence with his science of correspondences. Later, George Gurdjieff expanded on this topic with a non-static model representing the mathematical fine-tuning of everything.

In my award-winning book Proving God, and in a smaller work, Swedenborg & Gurdjieff, I examine this multi-leveled notion of harmony. Modern science (including modern process and complexity theories) is nowhere near having this understanding of the true laws governing the universe.


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Why do many guides, experts and leaders have failed personal lives?

empty-lecternOne of the things that often happen to people that experience failed personal lives is that they decide to become experts in helping others.

While it is good to “get outside of oneself to find happiness through serving others,” I wonder how it is that flawed individuals can even begin to share wisdom with their fellow citizens. What wisdom can possibly be shared that doesn’t come from a person’s life and heart?

This curious behavior comes from the fact—elucidated by Emanuel Swedenborg—that, the human intellect can operate separately and independently from the heart and its feelings. In other words, due to this split functioning in the human psyche we can have noble ideas placed in our memory without ever employing any of those same ideas into our actual lives.

We overlook this duality in people’s psyches.

So even after some personal failure in life or of one’s own character, an individual can still learn and accumulate wise words for another’s ears. This is why a politician can have a huge personal flaw (like self-centeredness or deception) and yet from noble principles learned through the intellect, still pass good laws and policies that can benefit everyone (especially in order to be re-elected or to be deemed important).

The true purpose of genuine religion is for individuals to bring their best-learned ideas and words into their own hearts to activate genuine transformation and regain psychic oneness. Otherwise, a person will be motivated to serve the greater community from a false sense of self-importance, where the heart has become separated from the useful material of the intellect. Such service does not represent an angelic or innocent action.

To really change the world for the better, individuals must change—one by one.


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Everythingness from out of nothingness?

HEART NEBULA-ProvingGodMost of today’s physicists will have you believe that the whole physical universe was created out of nothing (ex nihilo).

Why do our scientists embrace such an irrational principle? Well, if you insist on the existence of only physical realities, there is nowhere else for the finite human mind to go.

So one minute you have nothing, and the next, you have everything—time, space, energy, matter, gravity and all the known forces.

However, scientist/theologian Emanuel Swedenborg insisted that “everythingness” emerged out of “everythingness.” But where was this everythingness hiding before the creation of the physical universe? His answer: in a non-material (non-temporal and non-spatial) realm.

Instead of change of location and changing moments, this non-material realm consists of change of states.

In fact, Swedenborg claimed that “Love” is the most fundamental substance of reality.

Some pioneering physicists are actually looking into the notion that the physical universe had a non-material origin. But even if they embraced the existence of a supra-normal, spiritual reality they would have even greater trouble establishing a causal link between physical and non-physical phenomena.

Swedenborg discovered these multi-leveled links in his science of correspondences and in his multi-dimensional models of flow, forms and gravity.

In my award-winning book, Proving God, I examine these fascinating issues. I will continue this topic in my next major publication as well. The world is created from rational laws—otherwise we would not be able to discover anything coherent in it.


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The true pillars of science will someday support God’s heavenly truth

Roman_PillarsUnfortunately, the two pillars of contemporary physics, general relativity and quantum mechanics, do not represent those true pillars of science which will support angelic truth.

Why not? Because these current theories represent opposing laws, and the universe is most certainly unified. (On the most fundamental level, Einstein’s Relativity theory leads to a smooth geometrical world while the other, quantum mechanics, leads to a non-geometrical world of violent fluctuations and graininess.)

The result of this is that there is no quantum understanding of gravity, pointing to a flaw in contemporary science’s understanding of the physical universe.

Theologian Emanuel Swedenborg was guided by the Lord God to first discover physical laws that would promote unity through mathematically precise harmonies (common equilibriums) from successive centers of gravity. This cosmic harmony, when elevated to a higher level of knowledge, corresponds to God’s Divine Love advancing as truth in series.

This knowledge is our future.

I will explore these unifying ideas in my next book, hopefully to be finished by Christmas!


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The Devil changes tactics

smilingdevilNot too long ago the Devil was evaluating his methods for expanding his hideous kingdom. He was always looking for new ways to improve and modify his devious plans so that earth-humans would become less and less suspicious of his influence.

On this particular day he was noticing that people on earth were hopelessly attracted to acts of kindness and were always demanding a safe place to share their personal views, without being belittled.

This terrestrial need in humans gave the Devil a bright idea. He then ordered his nasty crew to start smiling, always being kind to others and pumping up everyone’s wounded self-images. This would certainly throw them off!

You see, the Devil in his warped cunning, knew something that earth-people had long forgotten—that humans had developed a dual psyche. That is, earth-people had inner and outer lives.

It was within people’s more hidden inner lives that true spiritual change occurred. But as long as one was outwardly nice to people, they would feel warm and fuzzy and loved, thus there would be no need for them to look inwards (introspection) and change any negative character traits that they might be harboring and keeping from view.

So, if one was outwardly kind to people, when they later died and entered the spiritual realm, they could be counted on to gravitate towards their innermost (and unpurified) realities.

Brilliant idea!


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Angels have “street smarts”

busy-city-streetThe term “street smarts” depicts someone who learns about life on the streets, rather than from books or from school. The phrase means that “wisdom” can be acquired by an individual who is not separated from their environment and the actual conditions that life brings on.

The phrase also has a deeper, spiritual significance.

In Luke 13:26 we are told that the “Lord taught in the streets.” Spiritually speaking,  “street smarts” symbolizes being taught where life’s activities are taking place (and not in some dead building). Therefore, to teach in the streets represents that the Lord’s teachings (from the Word) should be taken to heart and put into real action, whereby concepts become alive and helpful!

How else would a religion become real?


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Goodness is no excuse for side-stepping regeneration

introspection2People would rather be seen as doing “good” in the world than have to experience the mental pain of spiritual regeneration and re-birth.

But without “personal housecleaning,” all the reasons we choose to do “good” in the world can be suspect. We are flawed creatures, and covering our flaws with charitable actions—before of rooting them out—is merely deception, whereby we don’t have to change who we really are inside.

Only the Lord God is good.

So when we search out and remove suspicious elements hiding deeply within our motives, room is made for God’s genuine love to flow in and guide our actions.

This purifying process is how we regain innocence—which makes our acts of goodness spiritually good and angelic.


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